It Bugs Me! Version 2 (I3)

In an earlier activity you created a list of 20 things that bug you (10 everyday objects and 10 computer based objects).

Since that time we have discussed the book "Design of Everyday Things" which introduced two main places that designs can fail:

Furthermore we identified several vocabulary words for things to keep in mind/worry about when creating a design:


In this assignment I would like you to go back through your 20 examples from the first "It Bug's Me" activity and consider those examples in light of this reading and the new vocabulary words.


  1. Pick 10 of the 20 examples that you listed in the first activity. For each of these examples
  2. For each of the five vocabulary words pick the example that you think BEST illustrates that principle. In other words, pick the example that you think is the "best" example of bad visibility.

Bring a paper copy of this assignment to class to turn in and use during a small group discussion.