Image of the Design of Everyday things Cover CS 3120

User Interface Design, Implementation, and Evaluation

Fall 2017

Instructor: Dr. Ben Schafer

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Date Pre Class Reading Session Links and Announcements Assignment Due
8/21   An Introduction to HCI and this course
8/23   Project Introduction (Video)  
8/25   Discussion - It Bugs Me

It Bugs Me (I1)

8/28 DOET, Chapters 1-2 Design of Everyday Things (Video)

Reading Relection #1

8/30   Project Brainstorm Pitch Slides (I2)
9/1 DOET, Chapters 3-4 Design of Everyday Things (Video) Reading Reflection #2
9/4 No Class    
9/6 DOET, Chapters 5-6 Design of Everyday Things (Video) Reading Reflection #3
9/8   Interacting with Users (Video)

Team Formation (G1)

9/11   Interacting with Users (Video) It Bugs Me - V2 (I3)
9/13   In-Class Work Day Project Proposal (G2)
9/15   WALL TALKS: Proposals and Plans User Site Visit Plans (G3)
9/18 TCUID, ch 1-2 TCUID, tasks (Video) Reading Reflection #4
9/20   TCUID, scenarios  
9/22   Interaction styles  
9/25   SECTION TALKS: User Visits User Visit Reports (G4)
9/27 TCUID, ch 3 Prototyping day one (Video) Reading Reflection #5
9/29   Prototyping day two Task Analysis (G5)
10/2 Pretotyping Prototyping day three  
10/4   In-Class Work Day  
10/6   Work Day  
10/9   SECTION TALKS: Paper prototypes Paper Prototype (G6)
10/11 TCUID, Ch. 4 Evaluation without users, part 1 (Video) Reading Reflection #6

Evaluation without users, part 2

Revised Project Proposals (G7)
10/16   Prep for CW Midterm Team Evaluation
10/18   In Class CW Activity, Part 1 (You do this to another team's interface)
Cognitive Walkthrough Materials (G8)
10/20   In Class CW Activity, Part 2 (You do this to your team's interface)  


Meet with your partner team for debrief  

How to conduct a heuristic evaluation

Ten recommended heuristics 

Evaluation without users (HE), part 3 (video) Cognitive Walkthrough Results (G9)
10/27   Individual Work Day (perform HE)  
10/30   Team Merge of HE HE Individual (I4)
11/1   Wrap Up Evaluation without Users HE Team (G10)
11/3   SECTION TALKS: Lessons Learned  
11/6 TCUID, Ch 5 Usability Testing Part One (Video) Reading Reflection #7
11/8   Usability Testing Part Two (Video)
11/10   In Class Work Day Individual Test Plans (I5)
11/13   WALL TALKS: Test Plans Group Test Plan (G12)
11/15 Inclusion and Accessibility Topic: History of HCI (Video)  
11/17   No class. Enjoy your break  
11/27 Complete Amtrak Activity Topic: Non-computer interfaces Individual Activity
11/29   SECTION TALKS: User Test Results  
12/1   Guest Lecture, Mr. Ron Monson, UX Design, Principal Financial User Test Results (G13)
12/4   In-Class Work Day  
12/6   In-Class Work Day  

In-Class Work Day

Final Exam Handed Out