Homework 0

How do you define AI?

CS 3610, Artificial Intelligence

Due: Wednesday, August 22nd at the start of class


Before we get too far into this course and you get tainted by my opinions or those of your textbook's authors (which may or may not be the same), I want to know a little bit about your opinions.


Prior to the beginning of class on Wednesday, prepare a short (600-1200 words, approximately 2-4 pages double spaced), typed essay on the topic "How I define Artificial Intelligence."  This essay should be written purely from the top of your head and prior to doing any reading from the textbook or supplemental materials with which you may be familiar.  I don't want you to spout some textbook/website definition at me.  I want to know what you think about when you think about AI.

Some questions you might consider in writing this essay..

Notice that there are no right/wrong answers to these questions, only more and less coherent and complete discussions.  Thus, credit for this assignment will be based less on what you say, but how well you say it.

I do not normally require that you word process your "paper/pencil" activities.  However, I will ask you to do so for this activity.  You may use any word processor/text editor that you like.  When you are done, you should save it as "whatis.txt". 

This file should be uploaded using the electronic submission system (this makes a good test that the system is working well). 

You should also bring a print copy with you on Wednesday.