Deliverable #3 - Initial Project Analysis

While you are JUST getting started with this project, it is important to get off on the right foot.  In order to do this I would like each team to conduct an initial project analysis to start to define the scope/magnitude of their project domain as well as the boundaries of their specific project.  At this point this is NOT a contract with what you WILL accomplish, but a fact finding mission so that you can begin to discover where you might go in preparation for a formal proposal (which will become your contract of sorts).

This deliverable will consist of two parts - a printed deliverable and an in-class presentation of the contents of that deliverable.

The printed deliverable should consist of a 3-4 page document which should contain sections addressing the following information:



The grade on the project analysis will be based on the evidence that you understand the project, the existing solutions, and the project environment. Length is not a good indicator of quality; excessive detail often reveals insufficient understanding and thought. Poor proposals, and proposals for projects that are rejected as inappropriate, can be revised and re-submitted before our next studio.

In addition to the printed document that I will grade, it is expected that you will prepare a 10 minute presentation on these materials to share with your classmates.