Project System Documentation


For your group's final written deliverable I would like you to produce two documents

Your documents should be placed in a three-ring binder with separate sections for each document.

The System Report

Consider this to be similar to the professional research papers that you read during both AI and Intelligent Systems. This should be the report that explains exactly what your system does, how it does it, why it exists, and who might use your system (although not in that order).

You should write this document as though you were writing for a moderately well informed non-expert. That is, you should be able to hand this document to any faculty member in this department and (s)he would be able to understand what your system is and does even if they haven't taken an AI course since graduate school. Similarly, you should be able to hand this to a classmate from last fall's AI class and they should be able to follow the general idea about what you did (even if they have to go look up more details on neural networks/tensor flow or Monte Carlo techniques).

Model the structure and layout for this report as though it were a professional document submitted to a conference run by the ACM or IEEE or AAAI. That is, look back at some of the papers you read when you were getting started with your project.

This document should contain at least seven sections:



The Experience Report

In the System Report you explained what your final project IS. In the Experience Report you explain what your project could have been.

Again, the format for this report is LARGELY dependent on your overall process and experience over the last 10 weeks. So in that regard it is hard to give you a specific rubric that I expect every group to follow. BUT, you also shouldn't underestimate the intentions of this report and fail to adequately address what I am looking for.

Depending on your experience this semester your experience report should have well labeled and organized sections that describe:

Notice that significant portions of these points MAY have been covered in your previous four sprint reports. But they were written "in the moment" and lacked any big picture context (what happened in the last two weeks regardless of what happened before or what is still yet to come). This time around you are writing about the whole semester in one document.

Additionally you should include sections that address

Notice that while some of these points can be written from the point of view of you as an individual (and are in a separate document) this is all written from the team perspective.

Format of the Documents

The reports must be delivered in a standard three-ring binder. All pages must be numbered, except for the title page and table of contents. The title page should contain the title of the document, the names of the team members, the course name and number, the instructor's name, the date the document is submitted, and the department and school name. The table of contents should list all sections and indicate the pages on which they begin. Sub-sections may be listed if appropriate.

The sections of the document must be in the order listed above. Each section should be marked to indicate the person(s) responsible for writing it.

Any bibliographic references used in these documents should follow a standard format.