Final Project Presentation Expectations

Consider your presentation to the class as a presentation to a well informed but non-expert group of peers who are to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of your project. While you are making it to classmates who know your project having heard about it all semster, present it as though you were talking to the classmates from AI who elected not to take this class. In a related consideration, consider that you are making this presentation to a set of technically compotent employers who you were trying to impress with your ability to analyze and solve a real world problem.

The presentation should be a team effort--in design, preparation, and delivery. Thorough preparation is necessary for the presentation to be professional. Pay close attention should to the format, organization, and style of the presentation. Your attire should be appropriate for business occasions (and conservative, by university standards).

You should use supporting materials, such as on-line computer demonstration and presentation software, in a manner that most effectively brings your point across to the audience. Whatever modes of presentation you choose to use, you should be certain that the necessary hardware is both available and functional prior to the presentation. (Every year at least one group ends up wasting five minutes of precious time trying to get their laptop to connect to the overhead system or connect to a remote server. Don't let that group be you!)

The presentation will be evaluated by these standards:

The presentation should take approximately 20 allowing five minutes for for questions and comments by the audience. The group leader should introduce the presentation, the project, and the team members.

Each class member in the audience will critique the presentation as a part of their coursework.