Final Presentation Evaluation Requirements

Each class member will fill out a critique of the final class presentation given by each group other than her own. This feedback helps the group that gives the presentation by allowing them to learn from their peers how to give better presentations in the future. The critique will have the evaluator's name removed before it is distributed to the members of the presenting team. This evaluation task should receive a great deal of professional attention by the evaluator, the critique so developed should be given in as constructive a manner as possible.

The presentation will be evaluated for style and content on a numeric scale from 1 (worst possible) to 10 (best possible). Outstanding individual contributions to the presentation should be noted. The evaluator will also note major strengths and weaknesses of the presentation and the delivery methods used.  Each member of the team will be evaluated, and then an average rating for the team computed.

The Comments on Project Presentation form [ PDF ] is to be completed by each class member not involved in giving the presentation. Your constructive criticism can help your classmates improve their skills in preparing and delivering presentations.

Using "Listening is a Ten-Part Skill", consider these items in addressing items (1) and (2) on the form:

Approximately FIVE minutes will be provided following the presentation for you to complete your evaluation.  Notice that this is not TWO minutes, but FIVE minutes.  This is given so that your evaluation can be complete, with well-reasoned comments in each section. Your signature is required, though it will be removed before your comments are given to the presenting team.