Reading Sets

We won't have a formal textbook this semester, instead, we will be reading a variety of sources.  I will try to make these available electronically whenever possible and whenever legal.  However, you may occasionally have to obtain a copy of the readings from an alternative source.  We will talk about this issue in class as needed.


Reading Set #1 - Introduction to Intelligent/Expert Systems

The following are pdf scans of chapters from two older textbooks.  

Reading Set #2 - Introduction to Deep Learning (Drafahl, Flockhart, Hodges, Mahida)


Reading Set #3 - Genetic Algorithm Techniques (Fox, Nelson, Olson, Rook)


Reading Set #4 - Recurrent Neural Networks (Fortino, Goedken, Kehrli, Vu )


Reading Set #5 - Introduction to Text Analytics (Eggleston, Kleiss, Neff, Richmond)


Reading Set #6 - Monte Carlo Tree search (Francois, Giarusso, Prinsen, Rausch)


Extra Reading Sets: