Competency Activity

Please create a single, word processed, document (either .doc or .pdf) that answers the following questions.

  1. Which of these teaching strategies do you feel you experienced as a student (anywhere kindergarten through now).  Explain how and your experiences with the strategy(ies).

  3. Which of these strategies would you most want to use in a computer science classroom to best meet the needs of a "typical" learner.  Explain and defend.  [Note, you can argue for more than one if you like.  Just explain and defend.]



This counts as a competency demo in the course. In other words, each question will be assigned a score of 0-4 and an overall grade for the activity will be assigned.

While these questions are somewhat a matter of opinion - that is, they have multiple "right answers" - they can still be graded for competence based on how well you explain and defend your answer(s). Recognize that the degree to which you do so will have an impact on your grade.

Please submit this via Blackboard by the end of the week.