CS4HS @ UNI - 2017  

Introduction to Programming with Scratch

Online course available June 5 - July 14, 2017

Registration information below. Graduate workshop credit available


Scratch is a free, online, graphical programming language/learning environment that allows students to learn about computer programming and computational thinking without worrying about complicated syntax.  It was created by the Lifelong Kindergarten Lab at the MIT Media Lab and is designed for students aged 8-18 but is used by programmers of a variety of age and experience levels. 

This course is appropriate for teachers of all disciplines who teach 3-12th grade.  Participants will learn how to use Scratch for interactive art, animated storytelling, and game development.  Previous programming experience is not a requirement for this course.



This course will be taught via online materials including instructional videos, guided "laboratory" activities, and programming assignments.  Course facilitators will be available via email and online video chat during the duration of the course to help with activities and answer questions.  The course will consist of six modules of instruction and require approximately 20-25 hours to complete. 

Course requirements may be met based on each participant's schedule but must be completed during the six weeks that the course is being offered. 




To register for the Scratch workshop please use the following web form.  Participants may enroll in two different modes:

  • Audit (FREE) - Participants who take the course in audit mode are taking the course for personal interest only.  Participants have full access to all materials and assistance from the course materials but will not receive formal credit for the course.  Participants who enroll in audit mode may take the course completely free of charge.  Letters of completion will be available.
  • Graduate Workshop Credit ($100) - Participants who take the course in this mode will receive one hour of graduate workshop credit through Continuing and Distance Education at the University of Northern Iowa.  This credit should be appropriate for pay scale advancement and license renewal requirements in the state of Iowa.  Participants from other states should check with their local agencies to confirm that the credit is transferable.  [Note, workshop credit is evaluated credit/no-credit rather than with letter grades.]   Participants expressing interest in completing the workshop for graduate credit will receive additional information about how to register with Continuing and Distance Education at UNI.


For more information about this program contact UNI's CS4HS coordinator Dr. Ben Schafer at schafer@cs.uni.edu or 319-273-2187.


The original development of this course was made possible through CS4HS support from Google.