Lesson 1.18 - HOMEWORK: An Initial Assignment


The following video accompanies the written directions available below the video.

During the activities in this module you practiced using building blocks from the , , and menus in order to create some simple line drawings.

For this assignment you will write a Scratch program that writes your “three” initials (Perhaps a false assumption on our part). For example, if I were to do my initials (JBS) I might end up with something like the following:


That's it. Those are the simple minimum set of requirements. The rest is all up to you.


In reality this probably sounds easier than it actually is. I would suggest that before you start programming that you get out a piece of graph paper and plan out your program. Think about the coordinates of the stage (-240 to +240 for width, -180 to +180 for height) and how/where the three letters that you are drawing would go on the stage. Think about the movement from point to point and when you need to raise or lower the pen.

Getting Credit for this Assignment

To submit your assignment for peer review you should: