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Activity : It's Alive

Ninja Instructions | Mentor Notes


The goals of this activity include:

  • becoming more familiar with the computational concepts of sequence and loops by experimenting with Control blocks
  • becoming able to explain the difference between sprites and costumes
  • practice experimenting and iterating through developing an animation project

Things to watch for

  • This will be a project students may be tempted to pound out in just a few minutes and “submit for credit.” Try to encourage exploration and creativity.
  • The difference between sprites and costumes is often a source of confusion for Scratchers. The metaphor of actors wearing multiple costumes can help clarify the difference.
  • Students can animate themselves using a camera or webcam.

What to look for when reviewing their work

  • Can students distinguish between sprites and costumes?
  • Some Scratchers are particularly art focused and will want to develop animation projects and prefer to spend their time drawing and designing sprites/costumes, etc. Try to engage students in both the aesthetic but also the technical aspects of this project
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