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Mastery Activity 1b : Music Video

Ninja Instructions | Mentor Notes


How can you combine animation with music to create your own Scratch-inspired music video? This activity is longer than some of the previous ones we have done because we want you to experiment with sprites, costumes, backdrops, looks, sounds - lots of things! You will create a program inspired by theatre, song, dance, music, drawing, illustration, photography, and animation to create a personalized music video. To get some ideas you can check out:


30-60 minutes


  1. Start by adding some sound to your project. This can be sounds that you find in scratch, ones that you make yourself, or ones that you import from other sources.
  2. Create and animate one or more sprites.
  3. Make them interact together:
  • Use costumes to bring your animations to life!
  • Make on sprite dance in time to your music.
  • Make another sprite interactive by adding scripts that have the sprite respond to clicks, key presses, and more.
  • Add instructions on the project page to explain h ow people can interact with your program.
  1. Use a wide variety of blocks. Some suggestions:

Things to think about when you are done

  • What was one challenge that you overcame? How did you overcome it?
  • What is something you still want to figure out?
  • How did you give credit for ideas, music, or code that you borrowed to use in your project?

Sharing your project in the studio

The studio for this activity is located at:


This project is based on materials from the the Creative Computing curriculum by Brennan, Balch, and Chung.

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