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Activity : Orange Square, Purple Circle

Ninja Instructions | Mentor Notes


The goals of this activity include:

  • allowing students to express their creativity by completing an arts-themed challenge
  • gain more fluency with Looks blocks and the paint editor

Things to watch for

  • This will be a project students may be tempted to pound out in just a few minutes and “submit for credit.” Try to encourage exploration and creativity.
  • If students have questions, remind them that they can open the Tips Window to learn more about specific blocks or different parts of the Scratch editor.
  • Scratch supports both bitmap and vector graphics. This is both a good thing and a confusing thing as different styles support different features. If a student is struggling with a graphic, work with them to explore bitmap vs. vector graphics and see if one makes more sense than the other.

What to look for when reviewing their work

  • Do projects include an orange square and a purple circle?
  • Ask students to explain some of the things they tried but didn't use in their final project.
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