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Mastery Activity : Choose Your Own Adventure

Ninja Instructions | Mentor Notes


In the activities for this level you looked at several features:

  • Using the “ask” block and “answer” peg under the Sensing menu to begin interaction with a human user
  • Using the creation of variables under Data menu to store data long term
  • Using the conditional “pegs” under the Operators menu to consider various conditions
  • Using the selection blocks under the Control menu to decide which course of action to take based on the results of one or more conditionals

In this activity, you will use some of these features to create a choose your own adventure story of your choice.


30-60 minutes


We bet most of you have read Choose Your Own Adventure books at some point. In these books the player reads a couple of pages and then is asked to pick between two or three different choices. For example, you might read about walking through a dark, spooky forest and coming upon an abandoned farm. You might be asked whether you want to explore the house or the barn first. |The official Choose Your Own Adventure website.

You can try a basic online version of this idea using this Adventure Game.

For this activity you should create a choose your own adventure game of some kind. It doesn't have to be long or fancy (although that is awesome if you spend the time to do this). At a minimum your adventure should:

  • ask a human player at least three different questions no matter what choices they make
  • “tell” a story based on the inputs provided by the human user.
  • include at least some graphics and pictures that go along with the story (the online version above was pretty boring because it didn't have much of this).

Sharing your project in the studio

The studio for this activity is located at:


This project is based on materials from Dr. Ben Schafer at the University of Northern Iowa

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