Because every student should have the opportunity to learn how to code

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Welcome to the Cedar Valley CoderDojo

We are excited that you are interested in learning to program with our dojo. You can learn a little bit more about us by selecting the About option above.

But the simple summary is that CoderDojo makes learning to code a fun, sociable experience where the two key rules are

  • Be Cool! (Bullying, lying, wasting people's time, and so on are UNcool!)
  • Be Ferocious! (Be willing to explore and try things!)

Spring 2019

The CoderDojo will be relaunching as a collaboration between the Cedar Valley Makers and the Waterloo Public Library starting January 12, 2019. Kids wanting to attend will need to pre-register via the events tab on the library website.


  • Go to the library website (
  • Click on the “Events” link and select the calendar.
  • Find a Saturday session you want to attend.
  • Click on the session and complete the registration form.

Getting Started

To get started with our dojo explore these links.

  • Getting Started with Hour of Code - Are you brand new to programming? These overview tutorials from are great ways to learn a little bit about the basics of coding.
  • Learning to Program in Scratch - Are you ready to explore an actual programming language? Scratch is the first language we will teach and learn in our dojo.
  • Resources - Additional information for parents, students, and mentors.
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