TITLE: Joining the Fray AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: July 09, 2004 12:37 PM CATEGORY: General DESC: ... wherein this blog begins ----- BODY: Welcome to my blog. I have been enjoying many different blogs for a couple of years, most notably from the agile software and OOP communities. All the while, I've been thinking I should give it a try myself. The hard drive of every computer I've ever had is littered with little snippets and observations that I would have liked to make to someone, anyone, at the time. As many of you do, I often write to clarify what's happening in my mind, and to learn something new. The idea of a weblog opens new avenues to sharing such thoughts, and to learn both from the writing and from whomever may read them. In this blog, I'll chronicle ideas from my professional life as an academic, teacher, and software developer. I have a strong interest in how people make things, in particular computer programs. One of the topics I most hope to write about are the elementary patterns of programs and how they enter into the process of learning how to build software. I'm also a human being (shh... don't tell my students!) and will also share some of my thoughts as I go through life these days as a runner, a student of piano, a father and husband, and a regular guy in a fun but complex world. I hope you find this blog as useful as I hope it will be to me. -----