TITLE: Ego Run Wild AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: July 22, 2004 10:07 AM DESC: vanity surfing on 'eugene' ----- BODY: Like many folks, I occasionally "vanity surf" on my name over at Google. Yesterday, I ran across this article on vanity searching for just one's first name. Of course, I couldn't resist... The first reference to me comes at link 72. So much for pumping up my ego. Looking a little closer, many references are to the city of Eugene, Oregon, and organizations in its penumbra, such as its airport, Chamber of Commerce, and newspapers. If we narrow our focus down to individuals, I come in 24th. Most of the folks ahead of me are well-known writers, artists, and astronauts. I was surprised at the number of computer scientists named Eugene -- three or four folks ahead of me on the list are computer scientists, including the department chair at the University of Toronto and the best known Eugene in CS, Gene Spafford. If I ever make contributions as important as Gene Spafford, I can afford to worry about my Google ranking. Until then, I should just get back to work. -----