TITLE: August 9 -- My First talk in Brazil AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: August 17, 2004 1:25 PM DESC: arriving in Brazil and speaking immediately ----- BODY: Well, I made it to Brazil. Yesterday was a day that came and went with no end. I ran 18 miles in Bradenton before the sun rose, visited with parents until after lunch, and then went to the airport for an overnight flight that brought me to Recife at lunch time Monday. The change from English to Portugese on theb plane from Miami to Sao Paulo made the newness of my surroundings obvious. In Sao Paulo, I went through the dreaded American immigration line. The Brazilian government strives to treat each nation's citizens as that nation treats Brazilian citizens and, with the procedures in place here since 9/11, that means long lines, fewer handling stations, photographs, and fingerprints for Americans entering Brazil. I spent over two and half hours of a three-hour layover in Sao Paulo going through the immigration line. And by I use the word "line" with some hesitation. The South Americans and Europeans in the crowd certainly didn't feel limited by any idea of the linear. My first stop was the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE), in Recife. My SugarLoafPLoP co-program chair, Paulo Borba, teaches there, and he asked me to give a talk to his department. I debuted the test-driven development talk that I planned to give at the conference. It went well, despite my not having slept more than an hour since 34 hours earlier and our running so late after lunch that on arrival I walked straight into the classroom and gave my talk. The audience was mostly graduate students, many of whom write software in industry. I'd forgotten what it felt like to be in a room with a bunch of grad students trying fit whatever talk they here into the context of their own research. I spent considerable time discussing the relation of TDD and refactoring to aspect-oriented programming, JML, and code coverage tools such as Clover. This dry run led me to make a couple of improvements to the talk before delivering it on Friday to the conference audience. I was energized by the foment! But then I was ready to crash. -----