TITLE: By Any Other Name ... Not! AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: August 27, 2004 2:18 PM DESC: good names in the news and on my mind ----- BODY: Everyone knows that using good names in code is essential. What more is there to say? Apparently, plenty. I've encountered discussions of good and bad names several times in the last few weeks. Not too surprisingly, the topic of names came up during the first week of my introductory OOP course. I gave my students a program to read, one that is larger than they've read in preceding courses and that uses Java classes they've never used. We talked about how good names can make a program understandable even to readers who don't know the details of how an object works. The method names in a class such as java.util.Hashtable are clear enough that, along with the context in which they were used, students could understand the class that uses them. Often, issues that involve names are really about something bigger. Consider these: Important ideas have a depth that we can explore in thousands of ways, never quite the same. Names are one of them. -----