TITLE: This and That AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: September 18, 2004 12:02 PM DESC: a few links for a lazy Saturday ----- BODY: I am enjoying a weekend at home without a lot of work to do. After having been at PLoP for five days last week, a chance to be with my family and to regroup is welcome. Tomorrow is my longest training run for the Des Moines Marathon -- 24 miles. My 22-miler last Sunday at Allerton Park went well, so I'm hopeful for a good run tomorrow. Here are some programs that I've been experimenting with lately... Markdown is a simple plain text formatting syntax *and* a program that translates this syntax into HTML. I like to work in plain text, so I write all of my own HTML by hand. But when I am trying to whip up lecture notes for my courses, I find typing all the HTML formatting stuff a drag on my productivity. Markdown gives me the ability to format my notes in an email-like way that can be posted and read as plaintext, if necessary, and then translated into HTML. It doesn't do all of HTML, but it covers almost everything that I usually do. Here are a couple of Smalltalks implemented in Java: Talks2 and Tim Budd's Little Smalltalk, SmallWorld. Talks2 builds on Squeak and so has more stuff in it, but SmallWorld is, well, small, and thus has source code that is more accessible to students. And here are a couple of fun little sites: -----