TITLE: A Busy Month AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: October 08, 2004 6:02 AM DESC: October will keep me busy, on both the personal and professional fronts. ----- BODY: Today begins a busy stretch for me. This afternoon, I leave for a weekend reunion at Ball State University, my alma mater. I'm part of a scholarship program that has quadrennial get-togethers, and 2004 is our year. This is Homecoming Weekend in Muncie, and there will be a lot happening. Several old friends and their families will be there, and my brother is coming up to spend the weekend with me. Amazingly enough, I never attended a Ball State homecoming football game, even as a student. This seems like a good weekend or a first time. I also plan two easy runs as I prepare for... Next weekend, I run the Des Moines Marathon. My training has gone well, with only a couple of hiccups that I survived. Now, I'm tapering. This will be my second marathon after running Chicago 2003, and I am in much better shape -- physically and mentally -- for this one. But I am humble in the face of the 26.2 miles and know that I will have to be careful and lucky to meet my race goals. The next weekend, I take off for a week in Vancouver for OOPSLA 2004, where I am chairing this year's Educators' Symposium. The highlight of the 2004 conference is Alan Kay's Turing Award lecture. Alan is also giving the keynote address at the Educators' Symposium, and I am quite psyched. But all this travel makes for a busy month. I'd better get home to spend some time with my family before I hit the road! -----