TITLE: The First Day of the Rest of OOPSLA AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: October 26, 2004 11:00 AM DESC: In many ways, OOPSLA begins for me today. ----- BODY: With the Educators' Symposium over, I now get to enjoy the rest of OOPSLA worry-free. The conference proper begins today, with some great speakers and panels on-tap. As is now usual, the Onward! track will get most of my attention between invited talks and networking. Vancouver really is a nice conference city. The view to the right is one third of the panorama outside of my 15th floor hotel room. This morning I ran about eight miles, into the city to the south and then around False Creek, an inlet from the bay to our west. I do like water. I'm not one of those folks who feels an indomitable urge to live on the sea, but I love to be near it. (Though after my run, I did come back and pop Son of a Son of a Sailor into the CD player...) The sounds of waves lapping against the shore line, birds flocking over head, and the gentle swoosh of a morning crew team out for a training run of their own certainly bring a sense of peace to a run. That said, it's easy to forget that not everything about the coast is light and beauty. Port cities are, at their edges, industrial places: big steel ships and beyond-human scale concrete piers. Here in the heart of Vancouver things aren't so bad, with the coastline dominated by marinas and restaurants, but even still I ran through a couple of industrial areas that didn't look or smell all that wonderful. I'm glad when the real world occasionally reminds me not to surrender to my weakness for romance. Well, off to Rick Rashid's conference keynote on the future of programming. Rick's not a programming languages guy, but he has written a little code... He developed the Mach operating system, which sits at the core of a number of operating sytem running on my laptop right now! -----