TITLE: Steve McConnell on the Realities of Software Construction AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: October 27, 2004 1:11 PM DESC: McConnell opens Day 2 at OOPSLA 2004 by talking about what software development is really like -- and how it has changed since his popular 1993 book. ----- BODY: Let's try this blogging thing in real time. Steve McConnell, author of the recent bestseller Code Complete 2, is giving the opening talk for Day 2 of OOPSLA. The first edition of Code Complete is a classic in the field, still cited by software engineers and practitioners. McConnell opened with some humor on the hazards of renaming a book called 'complete'. The best ones played off cultural icons: Davinci Code Complete and Code Complete: This Time It's Personal. The first part of the talk gave several lists summarizing the software world since Code Complete, the prequel, came out. A lot of the humor and insight in these lists lay in how some items showed up multiple times, or in how opposites showed up. The worst construction ideas of the 1990s The worst construction ideas of the 2000s, so far But not everything in the software world is bad... A decade of advances in software development I'm not going to report all of McConnell's ten realities of modern software construction, but I will summarize some of the points that struck me: Talk Complete. (That was McConnell's joke, not mine. :-) -----