TITLE: The Experience of Programming AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: October 28, 2004 12:39 PM DESC: Today's sessions were a mix of interesting thoughts and tired saws. ----- BODY: [ I wrote this last night but wasn't able to post it then. Why? Stay tuned. ] After the Steve McConnell talk this morning, I went to three technical events: The evening has been BoFs. The first was for the Domain Driven Design community. Eric Evans published the marvelous book of this title last year (read it!), and he has cultivated an on-line community around the idea. I have volunteered to help out by serving as an editor and light writer for the FAQ on the web site's wiki. I have so much free time... but this is an idea and a community I want to support. The second -- going now -- is for planning the OOPSLA 2005 conference. I agreed to chair the Educators Symposium again. Giddy-up! Up next is a fun event at the Vancouver Aquarium, of which I've heard many good things. I'm ready for a break. -----