TITLE: Milestones and Nostalgia AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: November 30, 2004 5:48 PM DESC: This month ends with fewer posts than usual, but Knowing and Doing is going strong. ----- BODY: November 2004 will enter the books as my least-blogged month since starting Knowing and Doing back in July. I'm not all that surprised, given that: Each of these would cut into my time for blogging on its own, and together they are a death knell to any free moments. When I started Knowing and Doing, I knew that regular blogging would require strict discipline and a little luck. Nothing much has changed since then. I still find the act of writing these articles of great value to me personally, whether anyone reads them or not. That some folks do find them useful has been both gratifying and educational for me. I learn a lot from the e-mails I receive from Faithful Readers. I reached the 100-post plateau ten days ago with this puff piece. I hope that most of my posts are of more valuable than that! In any case, reaching 1000 entries will be a real accomplishment. At my current pace, that will take me three more years... While on this nostalgic kick, I offer these links as some obligatory content for you. Both harken back to yesteryear: -----