TITLE: Humble on My Mind AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: January 12, 2005 11:02 AM DESC: A theme of humility has been running through my thoughts lately. ----- BODY: I've been busy with the first week of classes and some duties with conferences. But I wanted to share a couple of ideas that have been rolling around my mind lately. From Ward Cunningham
There are a lot of ideas, but really good ideas are hard to snatch because they look so humble when you first see them. You expect the solution to be beautifully complex and a good solution is pretty plain until you see how that plainness plays in a complicated way to make something better than you could get in your head all at once.
"Humble ideas". Beauty often lies in how simple things interact with one another. (I heard this in an interview Ward gave to TheServerSide.NET. You should watch it for yourself. Lots of great stuff there.) From Kent Beck
Learning to listen empathically is the simplest thing I have control over that might change how others respond to me.
This statement hits me square in a personal weakness. I can be a good listener, but I'm not reliably a good listener. And inconsistency has an especially deleterious effect on how people come to feel about a person. (I saw this quote on the XP discussion list.) -----