TITLE: A Couple of Nice Excerpts AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: January 14, 2005 4:50 PM DESC: ----- BODY: Before leaving for the weekend, two quotes from blog reading today. Both are about the life of the mind. From Uncertain Principles:
And, you know, in a certain sense, that's the whole key to being a scientist. It's not so much a matter of training, as a habit of mind. It's a willingness to poke randomly at a selection of buttons on somebody else's camera, in hopes that it might shed some light on the problem. It's a habit that's all too easy to fall out of, too. It's easy to start relying on colleagues and technicians and reference works for information, and stop poking at things on your own.
From Electron Blue:
Books are patient, books are kind. They stay up with you all night and never complain that you are taking up too much of their time. They are never too busy to help you. They don't complain about being insulted and they rarely (if they are well-written and helpful books, that is) make you feel belittled or stupid. A book will not condescend or laugh at me because I am doing the most basic things over again. And you can work with a book at your own pace. [...] I once said to a Live Physicist that I am learning physics one electron at a time. He replied that this would mean that the time-span of my learning physics would exceed the projected life-span of the entire universe. Well, it may indeed take me that long to get to any kind of advanced physics. But I might as well start where I am, and keep going.