TITLE: A Place for My Stuff AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: February 13, 2005 5:04 PM DESC: Cheap disk + rabid curiosity = a whole lot of stuff. ----- BODY: Gus Mueller writes about his stuff folder:
I've got a folder on my desktop named "stuff". It's a little over 25 gigs, and it currently has 154,262 files in it. I have no idea what exactly is in there. Random one-off projects, pics from the camera, various music files. I wonder, am I the only person with this situation? Should I just trash it, or should I at least try and go through it? I don't know. Do I really need anything in there?
Oh my goodness. 154,262 files!?! But I can assure you that Gus isn't the only one. I have two stuff/ folders, one on my desktop machine and one on my laptop. The volume of Gus's stuff puts my folders to shame, though. They total only 750 MB. They are full of stuffed apps I want to try out when I get a few free minutes, articles I'd like to read, .jar files I think I might be able to use someday... Of course, someday never comes, and I just keep dropping new stuff in there. At some point, my stuff/ folder reaches a certain size at which the chance I have of remembering that a file is in there reaches effectively 0%. What good does it do me then? Even worse, I feel guilty for not using the stuff, and guilty for not deleting it. Every so often, I throw out all or most of my current stuff/ folder in a fit of good sense, but here I am again. For now I am buoyed by schadenfreude at least I'm not *that* bad. Thanks, Gus. :-) -----