TITLE: Made the News AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: March 07, 2005 3:11 PM DESC: My fifteen minutes of local blogging fame begins... now! ----- BODY: As I mentioned last week, a feature writer for the local newspaper recently interviewed me for an article on blogging. The article appears in today's paper, and the on-line version is already live. The article is a bit light, given how much we talked, but it probably reflects the fact that there are a lot more soap opera-like blogs out than technical ones. And the technical ones will have much less appeal to most of the Courier's readership. The good news is that I don't sound like an idiot. If anything, I sound like a long-winded academic. (The sarcastic reader can decide which it's better to be.) The author quotes me accurately enough, though my second quote is missing its ending, I think. I wonder if I'll see any hits from new readers in the Cedar Valley as a result... We have a few software developers in the area, so some may even find my blog interesting. -----