TITLE: Friday Fun AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: April 22, 2005 3:17 PM DESC: The semester is nearing its end, and I'm not doing my work. ----- BODY: Some fun for a Friday afternoon late in the semester. Get Perpendicular Hitachi is promoting a new method of data storage called "Perpendicular Recording", in which bits are stacked in order to save real estate on the disk. The idea itself is interesting, but even better is the promotional cartoon the company is using to teach us about it. You can't tell that some animators working these days were influenced by Schoolhouse Rock, can you? I Answered the Email, But I Didn't Inhale This from Clive Thompson:
According to a new study commissioned by Hewlett Packard -- and conducted by psychologists at King's College in London -- extensive use email and instant messaging can drop your IQ by 10 per cent. In comparison, smoking pot regularly dents your IQ by only 4 per cent.
The first one is always free... (The explanation for this anomaly apparently involves the unsuccessful attempt to multitask, which must lead to some sort of thrashing.) Need a Cluestick? Okay, this is just silly. But I chuckled.
The users I know are so clueless, that if they were dipped in clue musk and dropped in the middle of a pack of horny clues, on clue prom night during clue happy hour, they still couldn't get a clue.
".. dropped in the middle of a pack of horny clues ..." And you thought I was having a bad day. (And I would never say this about my students. No--really.) -----