TITLE: Planning for OOPSLA 2005 AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: May 01, 2005 6:02 PM DESC: Planning for OOPSLA 2005 is underway, and an extra benefit for me is my first visit to San Diego. ----- BODY: OOPSLA 2005 logo Today and tomorrow, I am in San Diego for the OOPSLA 2005 spring planning meeting. I have the honor of chairing the Educators Symposium again this year and so am on the conference committee that makes OOPSLA happen. As usual, I'm impressed by the energy and talent of the people behind the scenes of OOPSLA. These folks are in the trenches scheduling talks and panels, tutorials and workshops, while simultaneously thinking about the future of software and where the conference can and should go in the future. the view from the OOPSLA 2005 conference site San Diego will be a great location for OOPSLA. We are at the Town and Country Resort, about 15 miles from downtown. The resort is more than just a hotel; the property includes several buildings of convention space, meeting rooms, and restaurants, not too mention the pools and outdoor gathering spaces. San Diego's temperate weather makes outdoor gatherings a real possibility. On our site tour earlier, a couple of us joked about holding software demonstrations poolside -- or even on the water, the "floating demo". We may as well surrender to the inevitable temptations that accompany meeting space adjacent to an outdoor pool. Last night, I had the pleasure of catching up with a current friend, a former student who now calls San Diego home. Kris picked me up, gave me a short driving tour of the area, and then took me off for dinner with another former UNI student, a former Waterloo native, and another Iowan. We talked sports, much to the chagrin of the ladies, and current campus goings-on. Dinner was at Quiigs Bar and Grill (5091 Santa Monica Ave) -- I had a wonderful grilled prawns dish. This morning, I checked out the running options from the hotel. I did an easy 10+-miler, heading west along Friars Road toward the beach. I never reached the beach but I did find an unexpected bonus: down near a marina off Sea World Drive, I came upon the start location for the Spring Sprint Triathlon and Biathlon. This is a little tri, a ¼-mile swim, a 9-mile bike, and a 3-mile run -- just within my reach. One of these days... Dick Gabriel and Ralph Johnson have a lot of neat ideas in the works for OOPSLA this year, including a track for essays, collocated symposia on wiki and Dylan, and the evolving Onward! track, which will debut a film festival. If you want to know what software people will be talking about in earnest three or four years from now, make sure to attend OOPSLA this year! -----