TITLE: Busy with a Move... AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: March 27, 2006 6:41 PM DESC: ----- BODY: I haven't had a chance to write in over a week, but a busy week it has been. My last post foreshadowed the move of my department office to a new home, in an old building on campus that has been renovated into an "innovative teaching and technology center". That name actually sets a higher standard than the building can live up to, but it will be a good home for us. Last week, we began moving the department office to its new home, to make space for a computer lab. I suppose that we didn't technically have to move the department head's office yet, because the old office isn't need for something else yet. but anyone who has ever been at a university knows that heads, deans, and the like depend on their administrative staff too much to be separated from them. In this era of continuous electronic communication, I could probably survive better than most administrators from the past, but it would make an already challenging job all the more difficult to be two buildings away from the department secretary. So I moved, too, if only the working set of my office for now. Not that I didn't have good reason to want to move. The university's provost, after taking a tour of the new building during construction, made a point of telling me that my office may have the best view on campus. Here is a digital snapshot looking out my window toward the southwest on a recent sunny day: SW view from my ITTC office window Here's a lower-quality picture of the view toward the northwest. The campanille serves as nice reference point: NW view from my ITTC office window I don't have the highest-quality digital camera, but I've done the best I can to reproduce my view. The glare off my windows makes it tough to get good shots from all angles. But, quoting Sidra from Seinfeld, I can say that these images "are real, and they are spectacular". Either karma is looking out for me, or I have simply lucked into one of the best offices on campus. I should probably be nervous that my provost, my dean, and nearly every other administrator on campus know about my office and view, but I've been too busy withe the business of the department to worry. Of course, the construction in the rest of the building is still being completed, and there are warts to fix. For example: When I came into the office last Friday morning, the temperature in my office was 63 degrees Fahrenheit; this morning, it was 83 degrees Fahrenheit. After over eleven hours with the windows open and the door open to permit circulation through the department office, I have the temp down to 78 degrees. But I'm sure that this is the sort of kink we can work out over the next few months. (Let's hope so. With windows and western exposure, the summer could proved quite warm otherwise!) Computer science happens for me these days only in fits and spurts, mostly short ones when I decide to find time to read by downgrading some other task's priority. This summer is my next real chance to do real computing. I've been learning a lot this year, but I hope to put that learning to good use in the future by managing times and tasks more carefully. -----