TITLE: Rain, Not Pain AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: April 30, 2006 1:58 PM DESC: ----- BODY: After four weeks of 21.5 miles each -- pure coincidence -- as I recovered from bothersome bugs and painful hamstrings, I finally have had a real week of running. I ran 8.5 miles last Sunday, then put in 23 miles Monday through Friday. I ran easily, with a couple of speedy miles here and there, but mostly I was just happy to be on the road again. This morning, I got together with an old friend, a teammate from my first marathon in Chicago who used to lead the superb children's theater program at the aforementioned local playhouse. He has since moved to Little Rock but was back in town for a short weekend. Both of us wanted to take it easy for our legs, so we headed out for a moderate 11.5 miler along the trails he used to run. What made the run toughest was the fact that it rained all morning, and we occasionally ran into a stiff headwind. But we ended with much the same feeling I had after Friday: feeling good, and happy to run without pain or other impediment. I can now get ready for an end-of-June half-marathon and a few 5Ks in the meantime, and he can taper into the Olathe Marathon, three weeks hence. Good luck, Greg! I'm pleased to have a 34.5 mile week under my belt. I now hope that the last few weeks' relative rest have prepared my body for a fun summer of training. -----