TITLE: Am I a Writer, Too? AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: December 12, 2006 6:00 PM DESC: ----- BODY: [Written on a plane between Detroit and Minneapolis yesterday, returning from an OOPSLA 2007 planning meeting in Montreal.] I have at various times in the life of this blog proclaimed myself a runner and a programmer. (The latter post has drawn comments from several readers, including an out-of-context "Me, too" from Joe Bergin in a Montreal restaurant Friday night!) My many posts on teaching my courses leave little doubt that I also think of myself as a teacher. My flight home today leads me to to want to say "I am a writer", too. Over the last year or more, I have gone through occasional droughts posting here, and even when I have written I have not always felt particularly inspired. But stimulate me -- send me to a conference, or to a meeting with interesting people; give me a good book; turn me loose in a new course to teach -- and the flood gates open. A few moments ago, the flight attendant told us to turn off all portable electronic devices, including laptop computers. So here I sit, scribbling this message on two small Northwest Airlines napkins received as part of the beverage service earlier. Two napkins, filling both sides and now writing up the margin. The words won't stop. Flying home led me to think about what I had learned about my job as communications chair, and suddenly all sorts of ideas for new articles began to flow, and ideas for how to grow, merge, and finish up ideas that have been sitting inchoate in my "blogs to write" folder for days and weeks. Some of the ideas were triggered by reading I'd done on the plane; others, from conversations over the weekend; yet others, from who knows where. Let's just say that my hopper is hopping and should serve well in the coming days as I take time to blog. Can I be a runner, a programmer, a teacher, and a writer -- and a husband and a father -- all at once? Yes. I certainly admire many of my colleagues and friends who seem to be so many things, so well. Perhaps such breadth is just a part of being human. We are certainly lucky to live in a time and place where we can be so many people at once. -----