TITLE: Week of Science Challenge, Computer Science-Style AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: February 02, 2007 5:57 PM DESC: ----- BODY: I don't consider myself a "science blogger", because to me computer science is much more than just science. But I do think of Knowing and Doing as a place for me to write about the intellectual elements of computer science and software development, and there is a wonderful, intriguing, important scientific discipline at the core of all that we do. So when I ran across the Week of Science Challenge in a variety of places, I considered playing along. Doing so would mean postponing a couple of topics I've been thinking about writing about, and it would mean not writing about the teaching side of what I do for the next few days. Sometimes, when I come out of class, that is all I want to do! But taking the challenge might also serve as a good way to motivate myself to write on some "real" computer science issues for a while again. And that would force me to read and think about this part of my world a bit more. Given the hectic schedule I face on and off campus in the next four weeks, that would be a refreshing intellectual digression -- and a challenge to my time management skills. I have decided to pick up the gauntlet and take the challenge. I don't think I can promise a post every day during February 5-11, or that my posts will be considered "science blogs" by all of the natural scientists who consider computer science and software development as technology or engineering disciplines. But let's see where the challenge leads. Watch for some real CS here in the next week... -----