TITLE: Getting Back to Normal AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: March 06, 2007 10:19 AM DESC: ----- BODY: This "slow and steady" thing is starting to pay off. Last week, I ran a week of four-milers, six of them. That doesn't seem like much after four years of marathon training, but... While recording mileage in my running log, I noticed that this was the first time I had run four days in a row since January 2-5, and the first time I had run five in a row since November 27-December 1. These weren't fast miles, for the most part, as I let the "run come to me" every day. But then on Friday, I had a pleasant surprise. I found myself falling into a steady, comfortable run -- at sub-marathon goal pace. It felt great! Even better, I didn't feel too sore or tired over the weekend, and so was able to finish off my week outdoors on the ice. SIGCSE 2007 logo This week, my goal is a week of five-milers, six of them. I ran right at MP on the track this morning, with the rest of my runs for the week planned outdoors. Tomorrow, I head to SIGCSE 2007, in Covington, Kentucky ("the other Cincinnati"). My more technical readers can look forward to some CS-specific writing in the next few days. -----