TITLE: SIGCSE Day 1: A Conference First AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: March 09, 2007 10:17 AM DESC: ----- BODY: the Cincinnati skyline My roommate and I are staying in the Radisson Riverfront, which is right across the river from downtown Cincinnati at the nexus of the Ohio River and I-75. The view from our 14th-floor room is good. So there I was, settling in after a long day at the conference. About 10 PM, the phone rings. Odd. The caller asks for me. Odd again. It's the front desk. The local police have asked all guests to come down to the lobby. Apparently, someone had shot a bullet into a 12th-floor room. From somewhere outside. Odd. Down we went to the lobby. We heard lots of curious smalltalk, and no small amount impatience at being inconvenienced by this interruption. Some commented that we hardly seemed safer all herded into one place, in front of wide glass lobby windows open to the interstate exit. After 25 minutes or so, the chief of the Covington Police Department called us together. "Welcome to Covington!" he offered in good humor. He explained what had happened, what the police had done to investigate, and that they now believed us to be safe. He thanked us for our patience and wished us a good visit. I can imagine that he is a good sort of person to have as a police chief -- a big part of the job is communicating with people who are in varying states of distress. The rest of the night passed without event. Let's see if OOPSLA can top this. -----