TITLE: Negative PRs AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: April 11, 2007 7:41 AM DESC: ----- BODY: Negative splits are usually a good thing. A negative PR is usually not. In the last fours days, I have recorded a dubious achievement. I have run my slowest time ever on three different routes, ranging from 3 miles to 9 miles. And these times weren't close to what I expect. The only thing that saved me from the more dubious four-for-four was the 1.5 miles yesterday in the middle of a 5.5-mile route on which I picked up my pace to something speakable. My rationalization is that this downturn in speed is the result of running a few more miles again plus my first interval workout in seven months -- a 5x800m, 6.5-mile workout last Friday. Patience, patience. UPDATE: I almost made it four for five this morning, but I came in a minute or two under my slowest time for the route in question. Of course, that slowest time had been run in 8" of slushy snow, a year ago December! Rationalizing this one would have been even easier to make, as I ran an extra four miles with a student last night and my legs should be a bit more tired than usual. Besides, both the run last night and the one this morning were also done in 4-5" of slushy snow as well. I don't usually plan on snow runs for mid-April, but at least it was nice to break a fresh pack of snow one last time before spring arrives for good. -----