TITLE: Quick Hits AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: May 17, 2007 11:08 AM DESC: ----- BODY: Over the last couple of months, I've been collecting some good lines and links to the articles that contain them. Some of these may show up someday in something I write, but it seems a shame to have them lie fallow in a text file until then. Besides, my blog often serves as my commonplace book these days. All of these pieces are worth reading for more than the quote. If the code cannot express itself, then a comment might be acceptable. If the code does not express itself, the code should be fixed.
-- Tim Ottinger, Comments Again In a concurrent world, imperative is the wrong default!
-- Tim Sweeney of Epic Games, The Next Mainstream Programming Language: A Game Developer's Perspective, an invited talk at ACM POPL'06 (full slides in PDF) When you are tempted to encode data structure in a variable name (e.g. Hungarian notation), you need to create an object that hides that structure and exposes behavior.
-- Uncle Bob Martin The Hungarian Abhorrence Principle Lisp... if you don't like the syntax, write your own.
-- Gordon Weakliem, Hashed Thoughts, on simple syntax for complex data structures Pairing is a practice that has (IIRC) at least five different benefits. If you can't pair, then you need to find somewhere else in the process to put those benefits.
-- John Roth, on the XP mailing list Fumbling with the gear is the telltale sign that I'm out of practice with my craft. ... And day by day, the enjoyment of the craft is replaced by the tedium of work.
-- Mike Clark, Practice So when you get rejected by investors, don't think "we suck," but instead ask "do we suck?" Rejection is a question, not an answer.
-- Paul Graham, The Hacker's Guide to Investors Practice. Question rejection. -----