TITLE: More on Structured Text AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: June 01, 2007 3:16 PM DESC: ----- BODY: My entry formatting text for readability elicited some interesting responses. A couple of folks pointed to Sun's language in development, Fortress, which is something of an example going in the other direction: it is a programming language that will be presentable in multiple forms, including a more human mathematics display. Indeed, Fortress code uses a notation that mathematicians will find familiar. I especially enjoyed a message from Zach Beane, who recently read William Manchester's biography of Winston Churchill, Churchill wrote the notes for his speeches using a non-standard, structured form. While he may not have used syntactic structure as his primary mechanism, he did use syntactic structure as part of making his text easier to scan during delivery. Zach offered a few examples from the Library of Congress's on-line exhibit Churchill and the Great Republic, including Churchill's Speech to the Virginia General Assembly, March 8, 1946. My favorite example is this page of speaking notes for Churchill's radio broadcast to the United States, on October 16, 1938:
speaking notes for Churchill's broadcast too the United States, October 16, 1938
Thanks to Zach and all who responded with pointers! -----