TITLE: Missing OOPSLA AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: October 24, 2007 4:12 PM DESC: ----- BODY: OOPSLA 2007 I am sad this week to be missing OOPSLA 2007. You might guess from my recent positive words that missing the conference would make me really sad, and you'd be right. But demands of work and family made traveling to Montreal a work infeasible. After attending eleven straight OOPSLAs, my fall schedule has a whole in it. My blog might, too; OOPSLA has been the source of many, many writing inspirations in the three years since I began blogging. One piece of good news for me -- and for you, too -- is that we are podcasting all of OOPSLA's keynote talks this year. That would be a bonus for any conference, but with OOPSLA it is an almost sinfully delicious treat. I was reading someone else's blog recently, and the writer -- a functional programming guy, as I recall -- went down the roster of OOPSLA keynote speakers: ... and wondered if this was perhaps the strongest lineup of speakers ever assembled for a CS conference. It is an impressive list! If you are interested in listening in on what these deep thinkers and contributors to computing are telling the OOPSLA crowd this week, checkout the conference podcast page. We have all of Tuesday's keynotes (through Steele & Gabriel in the above list) available now, and we hope to post today's and tomorrow's audio in the next day or so. Enjoy! -----