TITLE: Notes on a SECANT Workshop: Table of Contents AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: December 18, 2007 4:40 PM DESC: ----- BODY: [Nothing new here for regular readers... This post implements an idea that I saw on Brian Marick's blog and liked: a table of contents for a set of conference posts coupled with cross-links as notes at the top of each entry. I have done a table of contents before, for OOPSLA 2005 -- though, sadly, not for 2004 or 2006 -- but I like the addition of the link back from entries to the index. This may help readers follow my entries, especially when they are out of order, and it may help me when I occasionally want to link back to the workshop as a unit.] This set of entries records my experiences at the SECANT 2007 workshop November 17-18, hosted by the Purdue Department of Computer Science. Primary entries: Ancillary entries: The next few items on the newsfeed will be these entries, updated with the "transcript" cross-link. [Done] -----