TITLE: On the Small Doses Pattern AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: April 24, 2008 6:56 AM DESC: ----- BODY: The Small Doses pattern I wrote up in my previous entry was triggered almost exclusively by the story I heard from Carl Page. The trigger lives on in the text that runs from "Often times, the value of Small Doses..." to the end, and in the paragraph beginning "There is value in distributing...". The story was light and humorous, just the sort of story that will stick with a person for twenty or more years. As I finally wrote the pattern, it grew. That happens all the time when I write. It grew both in size and in seriousness. At first I resisted getting too serious, but increasingly I realized that the more serious kernel of truth needed telling. So I gave it a shot. The result of this change in tone and scope means that the pattern you read is not yet ready for prime time. Rather than wait until it was ready, though, I decided to let the pattern be a self-illustration. I have put it out now, in its rough form. It is rough both in completeness and in quality. Perhaps my readers will help me improve. Perhaps I will have time and inspiration soon to tackle the next version. In my fantasies, I have time to write more patterns in a Graduate Student pattern language (code name: Chrysalis), even a complete language, and cross-reference it with other pattern languages such as XP. Fantasies are what they are. -----