TITLE: I Run Again AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: June 09, 2008 4:48 PM DESC: ----- BODY: I haven't written about running for a while now, in large part because I have not been running for a while now. On May 2, I ran a great fast workout, my fastest in many months. I was stoked and feeling ready to train for the Sturgis Falls half-marathon at our local summer festival. Later that morning, I came down with the same symptoms that had ransacked me for six months last year: headache and a strange but deep fatigue. Exertion magnified both inordinately. So I rested. After nine days, I felt a little better but not well. I tried 3.5 easy miles and was back at the beginning. So I rested. I felt a little better at times but never well. I went to the doctor, who revisited our diagnostic efforts from last year. He drew an extra large dose of blood and ran tests for a wide array of possible causes: iron deficiency, B-complex vitamin deficiency; liver, kidney, and thyroid; myelomas, mononucleosis, and several others. The tests came back clean. That is great news; I don't yet seem to be sick with anything major. But it is also bad news; we don't know what's up. I have been feeling a bit better but, still, not well. Late last week, I finally began to feel as if I was losing fitness in my legs. Surely my legs were leaving me earlier, but now they felt like it. This morning I decided to test the road again. I ran 3 easy miles. My hamstrings said, "Remember me?" The rest of my legs felt like they'd been off for five weeks. So far, I have not had the dull ache in my head, only the fuzziness that accompanies the unusual fatigue. I have managed to work all day. That feels like good news. At this point, the June 29 half-marathon is out. If I can get back to regular runs in the next two weeks, I may try to run the accompanying 5K at a recreational pace. If things go ll right the rest of the month, I think I will try to run an October marathon -- relatively local, and relatively relaxed. But a small desire is still there. I'll run again tomorrow. -----