TITLE: Disconnected Thoughts to End the Month AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: November 30, 2008 10:04 PM DESC: ----- BODY: ... and a week of time away from work and worries. There is still something special about an early morning run on fresh snow. The world seems new. November has been a bad month for running, with my health at its lowest ebb since June, but even one three-mile jog brings back a good feeling. I can build a set of books for our home finances based on the data I have at hand. I do not have to limit myself to the way accountants define transactions. Luca Pacioli was a smart guy who did a good thing, but our tools are better today than they were in 1494. Programs change things. S-expressions really are a dandy data format. They make so many things straightforward. Some programmers may not like the parens, but simple list delimiters are all I need. Besides, Scheme's (read) does all the dirty work parsing my input. After a week's rest, I imagine something like one of those signs from God:
That "sustainable pace" thing...
I meant that.

-- The Agile Alliance
I'd put Kent or Ward's name in there, but that's a lot of pressure for any man. And they might not appreciate my sense of humor. The Biblical story of creation in six days (small steps) with feedback ("And he saw that it was good.") and a day of rest convinces me that God is an agile developer. -----