TITLE: Another Take on Embracing Failure AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: February 11, 2009 4:42 PM DESC: ----- BODY: A student reader sent me a message to say that he didn't click with my talk of 'embracing' failure. He prefers to think in terms of pushing through failure to reach success. So I found it interesting when I ran across a blog entry with a similar them (via The Third Bit) on the same day:
I'm writing this in order to talk about failure and coping.... I've got the failure down. So what about coping? ... failure is really information. You don't fail and therefore become a failure. You fail and in so doing you learn and gain more understanding.

... I've come to understand that if I'm not making mistakes it means I'm not trying hard enough, and I'm not pushing myself far enough.

In this article, David Humphrey recounts the details of a vexing experience trying to fix a bug. Humphrey uses the bug -- unresolved by the end of the article -- to explain how he feels about failing repeatedly. He isn't broken; he is empowered by the information he has captured. Whether we call that embracing failure, both the inevitability of failing and the knowledge we gain by failing, or coping, or gathering information, it seems to be an important trait of people who enjoy computing. If you'd like to read more on Humphrey's ideas after he fixed his bug, check out his follow-up article. -----