TITLE: Hope for Troubled Economic Times AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: February 21, 2009 7:10 PM DESC: ----- BODY:
And we decided to innovate our way through this downturn, so that we would be further ahead of our competitors when things turn up.
"This downturn" was the dot.com bust. The speaker was Steve Jobs. The innovations were the iPod and iTunes. Seems to have worked out fine. My agile friends are positioned well to innovate through our current downturn, as are the start-ups that other friends and former students run. It is something of a cliché but true nonetheless. Recessions can be a good time for people and organizations that are able -- and willing -- to adapt. They can be an opportunity as much as a challenge. I hope that the faculty and staff of my university can approach these troubled budget times with such an attitude. In five years, we could be doing a much better job for our students, our state, and our respective academic disciplines. -----