TITLE: Posts of the Day AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: April 14, 2009 7:49 PM DESC: ----- BODY: ... for a definition of "the day" that includes when I read them, not when the authors posted them. Tweet of the Day
Marick's Law: In software, anything of the form "X's Law" is better understood by replacing the word "Law" with "Fervent Desire".
-- Brian Marick
I love definitions that apply to themselves. They are the next best thing to recursion. I will have plenty of opportunities to put Brian's fervent desire into practice while preparing to teach software engineering this fall. Non-Tech Blog of the Day I don't usually quote former graffiti vandals or tattoo artists here. But I am an open-minded guy, and this says something that many people prefer not to hear. Courtesy of Michael Berman:
"Am I gifted or especially talented?" Cartoon said. "No. I got all this through hard work. Through respecting my old man. From taking direction from people. From painting when everyone else was asleep. I just found something I really love and practiced at it my whole life."
-- Mister Cartoon
Okay, so I am tickled to have quoted a guy named Mister Cartoon. His work isn't my style, but his attitude is. Work. Respect. Deference. Practice. Most days of the week, I would be well-served by setting aside my hubris and following Mister Cartoon's example. -----