TITLE: The Body Adapts Slowly, Especially Now AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: May 21, 2009 5:58 AM DESC: ----- BODY: I mentioned last time that I successfully completed five AM runs last week. That is my standard schedule, except when I stick in a sixth morning run during the heaviest stage of marathon training. But after low mileage for so many months, five runs in a week feels like an accomplishment. To make the accomplishment even greater, I added a mid-week 5-miler. What's the big deal? My standard five-day schedule is 5-8-5-8 on Tuesday through Thursday, with speed workouts on Friday and maybe Wednesday, and ≥ 12 miles on Sunday. But after those down months, I started back in February by doing mostly 3s, with an occasional 5 thrown in for an afternoon or evening run just before running the 500 Festival half. I had planned to add a second 5-miler this week. I figured I'd do them on Tuesday and Thursday, because I have important meetings on Wednesday and Fridays for the next couple of week. It seemed like a good idea to take it easier on those days, so that if the extra miles led to a down day, I'd be down on days that mattered less. Indeed, it was a very good idea. But Tuesday's run felt so good... Impatience rose up. I ran a second 5-miler on Wednesday and again felt good, so I ran a little faster. Afterwards, I still felt good -- until about 8:00 AM. (Remember, I start early.) I felt progressively worse as time passed, and in the end the run killed my day. You would think that, after health problems had affected my running for over a year, I would be more patient. But it's hard not to get excited, and I gave in to temptation. Impatience exacted its price. I'll do better from now on, at least until the next time I succumb. I will script my runs for the next few weeks -- and stick to the plan. Another bright line "Thou shalt not..." is what I need right now. All that said, I am hopeful that with patience I'll be able to get back to my standard schedule within a couple of months. If I do, I am entertaining the idea of taking on a race in the fall. -----